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This is who i am
04-07-14, 01:10 PM,
This is who i am
Smile Hello and how are you.
My name is Pete and i come to you from Welling , Kent , i joined this site about 5 mins ago after i went out for a ride on my poor old Suzuki b600 last night and went trundling along some country lanes in my area , collecting bugs on my teeth & sun visor.
I posses no sense of direction but have decided that when i go again , i will do my best to note down the route i take and any special (pubs) i mean places i have contact with.
Big Grin IF any living person reads this message in a bottle , then please reply.
I know or think i know that there is a small but growing community on this site and i will try to keep in regular contact with it , if i get more riding time.
01-08-14, 10:33 AM,
RE: This is who i am
Hi Pete,

Welcome to the Ridersguide forum, its still in the making but we will get there.

To be honest, I'm just glad someone has actually posted on this dam thing, I was beginning to think it wasn't working.

Pubs are always welcome, cheers

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