About Us

If you want to know more about us, read on, we promise it won’t take long! We (Neil and Fiona) are currently living in the Rossendale valley, which is a gateway to some really beautiful countryside that lends itself to being out there on the bike. We have, after much thought, moved away from sports bikes after a very long and happy relationship as age is creeping up and some of us (Fiona) needs a bit more comfort these days! Having said that, the BMW 1150RT is not averse to eating up the miles and giving as many thrills as we want to have, with the added bonus of being able to carry more than a toothbrush!

Before the BMW was a long list of some fantastic and not so fantastic bikes!  Most recently was the Hayabusa which certainly kept you on the edge of your seat in more ways than one, and its much mourned predecessor, a ZX12, which met an untimely end wrapped around a dry stone wall. There have been many others, but our credibility would take a severe bashing if we mentioned some of them!   Who knows, we may add to our current family, however, for the time being we are a one bike household.  (Who says bikers can’t be environmentally friendly!)

Work constraints mean that we don’t get out as often as we would like but we are planning to change all that this year and get our priorities right.